I Moved!!

by - 6:58 PM

Hello everyone! I have decided to make a change with my blog. Originally, I had chosen to go with Wordpress.com. It had an app that allowed me to post from my phone and seemed convenient. I tried it out for about 6 months. While the ability to post from my phone was great, I felt that I was missing out on things that I had on a previous blog on Blogger.

I'm not sure if it is my lack of ability or if it is a flaw with Wordpress.com. I was not able to customize my blog as much as I wanted. It was hard to make changes on the things I could customize. It was hard to get followers. The formatting for my posts was frustrating.  I had remembered Blogger as having a more user friendly platform. So, I finally chose to make the move to Blogger.

Unfortunately, Wordpress makes it impossible to export my content to the new blog. So, I had to copy and paste everything over. Due to this I will lose all of my existing likes and comments. Also, all of my posts show that they were done on the same day. To remedy this I put the original post date in the title of the post.

I apologize for flooding all of these posts.  Somehow 38 posts were deleted and I had to copy and paste them all back in.  Thank you for your understanding on this!

I hope that this isn't an inconvenience for any of my current followers on Wordpress and I hope everyone will come follow my new blog. I'm excited to get back to blogging! Thanks for visiting!

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